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7 November
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Pikka Bird is a fictitious bird specie from the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

Quote from Wikipedia: The Pikka Birds are birds native to Lamuella. They are known for being surprised by ordinary everyday objects and events such as the sun rising but completely ignoring unusual events such as spaceships landing. They are accustomed to staring blankly at a few anonymous atoms in the middle of the air. They are also used to attract Perfectly Normal Beasts. According to Arthur Dent's description of them in the Quintessential Phase and Mostly Harmless, their eggs make rather a good omelette. On his first encounter with a Pikka Bird, Ford Prefect is disturbed by its physical similarity to the bird-shape taken by the sentient Hitchhiker's Guide Mark II.

(Pica pica is the Latin name for the magpie).

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